Sell Apple Store iTunes Gift Card In Nigeria Instantly

Apple physical cards are exclusively for the acquisition of labor and products from all Apple properties like Apple Music, Apple Store, Apple Store application,, Apple television, Apple Books, and others. Apple present cards can be bought on, in the Apple Store application, or at the Apple Store. You can likewise purchase your Apple Store physical card in various groups.

What is the Apple Store Gift card utilized for?

You can utilize your Apple Store physical card to purchase an Apple Music membership, make buys from the Application Store, Apple Books, or the Apple television application, so, anything on Apple.

Difference Between Itunes Gift Cards And Apple Store Cards

The major difference between them is that Itunes gift cards are only used online, while the Apple store gift can be used in-store and online. Apple Store gift cards can be used at Apple’s online or physical retail stores to buy Apple hardware products like iPhones, iPads, Mac laptops, and Apple Watches. iTunes gift cards are used only for buying software on both the iTunes Store and App Store, such as music, movies, apps, TV shows, and books. Knowing this difference, you may want to choose to send your loved ones an Apple card instead of an iTunes card if they need to buy an iPhone or an Apple watch. You will also send them an iTunes card when they need to buy new songs, movies, or apps from the Apple store.

How to check the Apple Store gift card balance?

You can actually look at your equilibrium on your telephone or your MacBook.

Instructions to actually take a look at the balance on your iPhone or iPad or Macintosh;
Open the Application Store application
Tap your photograph or sign-in button and sign in with your Apple ID
On the off chance that you have an equilibrium, it shows up underneath your name. In the event that you see nothing, it implies you don’t have an equilibrium.

Instructions to actually take a look at your equilibrium on your Windows PC;

Open iTunes for Windows and sign in
Click Store at the highest point of the iTunes window
On the off chance that you have an equilibrium, it shows up underneath your name. In the event that you see nothing, it implies you don’t have an equilibrium.

How to Exchange an Apple Store card on Hook?

Combined with unwavering quality, we offer you the best rates at Hook. Assuming that you have an Apple Store gift card you need to offer, this is the way to go about it:

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How to recover your Apple Store gift card?

Whether you are recovering your Macintosh Store gift voucher from your PC or from your telephone, the technique is quite simple. On the off chance that you are utilizing a PC, you need to reclaim your gift voucher in iTunes

From your iPhone or iPad or your Macintosh;

Open the Application store application
Tap the sign-in button or your photograph
Tap “Reclaim Gift voucher or Code”
Enter the 16-digit code on the rear of your card (utilize your camera or do it physically).

From your Windows PC, recover in iTunes by:

Opening the Apple music application
Tapping the menu button and afterward “Record”
Tapping the Recover Gift voucher or Code
Entering the 16-digit code and lastly clicking “Recover”

How much is a $100 Apple Store gift card?

The cost of gift cards changes as the rate changes. This is on the grounds that the rate isn’t consistent. The cost of a $100 Apple Store Gift voucher as of now probably won’t be similar in the following hour. Right now, Apple Store Gift card costs around 40,000NGN to 45,000NGN.

Assuming you are searching for the best rates for Gift cards in Nigeria, you can have confidence that you will track down that on Hook. We have a mechanized gift card rate mini-computer that is being refreshed constantly. You will track down this element on the site. So check the “current rates on Hook” to be refreshed on Gift card rates whenever.

How might you get paid?

The payment is instant, we will send your money directly to your bank account provided after a trade is done.


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