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Frequently Asked Questions About Hook

We answered some of the questions you might have

We take great pride in the longevity of our business, which we’ve built over the years. We hold our reputation in high esteem and would never do anything to tarnish it hastily. Our customers’ satisfaction is of utmost importance to us and remains at the forefront of our business practices.

At the moment, Steam, Apple, Amex, and Razer gift cards have the highest rates. However, please note that our rates are subject to change based on market trends and demand. We recommend checking our RATE CALCULATOR or contacting our customer service team for the latest rates.

You will typically receive payment within 5-10mins. We strive to process payments as quickly as possible to ensure a seamless experience for our users. Rest assured that we prioritize prompt payment delivery to ensure your funds reach you in a timely manner.

There are multiple rewarding opportunities on our platform. The best methods to earn reward points are trading gift cards, referring others, makes you earn for their transactions. Start earning today!

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