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Chinese gift card vendors with the best rates: One reason why Nigerians sell their gift cards is to create gains, and to that end, Chinese and American gift card vendors are first class. Whether you are a gift card exchanging master or a fan, you probably caught wind of Chinese vendors. Assuming you have at any point attempted to sell gift cards in Nigeria, you can validate that Chinese and or American gift card vendors have the best rates.

Truly, finding a genuine Chinese or American gift card vendor is very troublesome in Nigeria. To that end, you really want to look cautiously prior to jumping into the gift card trade market. To try not to get misled and ripped off your gift card; the following are three things to pay special attention to while finding a genuine Chinese or American gift card vendor.

Guarantee that the gift voucher exchange site is overseen by the Chinese

This is a fundamental element to pay special attention to when finding a Chinese gift card vendor. There are a few gift card exchange sites in Nigeria today, however, not all are genuine or sell at sensible rates. Notwithstanding, one site called Hook has been extraordinary throughout the long term and has solid partners with American and Chinese organizations that exchange gift cards. Thus alone, Hook sells gift cards at the most elevated rate, which is typically more than 90% of the gift cards’ assumed worth. For instance, the ongoing cost of a $100 Amazon gift card is 42,500 naira which is the most elevated you can track down in the market today. See the rate page here.

Utilize Chinese eCommerce business platforms to shop on the web

One more way to find genuine Chinese gift card vendors in Nigeria is by utilizing a Chinese Web-based business platform. You can undoubtedly track down heaps of Chinese purchasers and offer to them on these sites. A few sites to look at include;, Dangdang, Vipshop, Amazon China, and so on. Fortunately, you can get to those referenced before with your Nigerian numbers. Or on the other hand even better, to keep away from pressure, you can decide on the primary choice and trade your gift cards for naira on Hook.

Reaching the Chinese gift voucher seller through web-based social media

Quite possibly the most worthwhile way virtual social media has served humankind is by associating us online without actual gatherings. You can bridle this benefit by sending direct messages online by means of any web-based social media platform that is helpful for you.
For instance, in the event that you can get the Whatsapp number of a Chinese merchant, you can undoubtedly send the seller a message and sell your gift cards. The main issue is getting their Whatsapp number could demonstrate troublesome on the grounds that it’s their very own data. Nonetheless, you can look through sites like Quora, Twitter, or Facebook for their numbers since they drop on pages or gatherings.

In any case, the most advantageous choice for Nigerians is choice one. Indeed! Use Hook and appreciate divine profits. The site isn’t nondescript as you can track down their virtual social media impressions on Instagram and connect with them through direct messages.

Likewise, Hook exemplifies every one of the essential characteristics of a decent gift card trade site. They include; the best rates, simple to-utilize, rates page, security, fast exchanges, and responsive client assistance. What are you sitting tight for? Hustle now to the Hook online site


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