How Much Is A $100 Footlocker In Lagos, Nigeria

Footlocker is a well-known American athletic apparel/footwear retail location laid out in 1974. The store manages various sorts of sports items by joining forces with various enormous game brands like Adidas, Nike, Chat, and Jordan.

Footlocker has both physical and online stores working in numerous nations and mainlands of the world which makes the brand a worldwide brand. Clients can buy their items on Footlocker by paying with either their bank cards or the Footlocker Gift voucher. For accommodation, giving and mindfulness creation, the Footlocker brand issues gift vouchers to its clients.

A client who shops on the Footlocker stage with the Footlocker Gift voucher will effortlessly execute with no hitch from the outsider (bank), they can likewise gift their friends and family the gift voucher which they will use to recover any gift thing of their decision and furthermore, the brand can likewise make additional mindfulness from selling these gift vouchers. Is it feasible for individuals to purchase Footlocker Present Cards or perhaps get them as gifts however they expect not to reclaim them for gifts but instead sell them for cash.

Indeed, individuals can decide not to reclaim their Footlocker Gift vouchers for gift things yet rather sell them for cash. This could be roused by the dire requirement for money or indifference toward the items presented by the store. Be that as it may, regardless, it is a potential and simple endeavor assuming you are very much educated. In this article, we will examine the amount one can get for a $100 Footlocker Gift voucher and where to sell it in Lagos, Nigeria.

What Is A Footlocker Gift voucher?

Gift vouchers overall act as charge cards (however they are not connected to a financial balance), used to make buys in a store. A Footlocker Gift voucher s essentially a gift card given by the Footlocker brand preloaded with specific money-related esteem utilized for both physical and online Footlocker stores exchanges. The gift voucher can come in two structures; it very well may be an actual plastic card or a computerized voucher with code numbers. The two types of Footlocker Gift vouchers address the money-related worth of the present things a client can buy with them.

The plastic Footlocker Gift cards are implanted with a 16-digit number code and 8-digit PIN on the back side.

They are regularly sold in divisions going from $10 to $250.

Where Can I Sell Footlocker Gift Card In Lagos, Nigeria?

Lagos is the business center of Nigeria and the biggest city in Africa, with a populace of 15.4 million individuals. This shows that there are a lot of monetary exercises happening in the city, including computerized resource exchange. The requirement for trading gift cards for cash has propelled numerous web-based exchanging stages to join the gift card industry, tolerating a few gift cards from clients and paying them as money or crypto. The sum paid for any gift card, for example, a $100 Footlocker Gift card, relies upon the market rate.

Really, there is a heap of accessible choices with respect to where one can sell Footlocker Gift vouchers in Lagos, Nigeria however not this large number of choices are custom-made to a broker’s wellbeing. While certain stages are totally questionable, some are very unacceptable in their activity, subsequently, making them ill-suited for a decent exchanging experience.

For the best-exchanging experience, the Hook exchanging site is the best site to sell Footlocker Gift cards and other gift cards in Lagos, Nigeria, and any place on the planet. Hook is an internet exchange site that offers merchants a consistent approach to exchanging their gift vouchers and digital currency.

Hook exchanging application is pervaded with every one of the elements expected of a decent exchanging stage which incorporates, a decent UI that changes into a decent client experience, high-security convention, dynamic client assistance, a rate mini-computer, and various installment choices. Traders can sell gift cards with the most noteworthy resale esteem on Hook at extremely high rates. Since it has become so undeniably obvious where you can sell Footlocker Gift cards anyplace in Nigeria, we should examine the amount you can get for a $100 Footlocker Gift card on Hook.

How Much Can I Get For A $100 Footlocker Gift Card In Lagos, Nigeria?

The cost of gift cards in the Nigerian naira is consistently reliant upon the market rate at that point. For this reason, Hook has introduced a live rate number cruncher on the application which provides clients with the continuous worth of their gift cards in naira. Be that as it may, at the hour of composing this article, a $100 Footlocker is identical to N48,000 at the pace of 480 on Hook. This is without a doubt the best rate you can go anyplace in Nigeria. You can likewise check the live paces of other gift card rates utilizing the Hook rate number cruncher on the site.

How To Sell Footlocker Gift Card In Lagos, Nigeria

Something beneficial about exchanging on Hook is the simplicity of the exchanging experience. Despite the fact that you may not require this rule before you can finish your exchange on Hook, I will give them to you at any rate.

Below are the steps involved in trading your Footlocker Gift Card;

  1. Download and sign up on the Hook app.
  2. Click on “Buy and Sell Gift Cards“.
  3. Further click on “Sell Gift Cards“.
  4. Select ” Payout Method” and choose Naira.
  5. Click on “Gift Card Category” and choose “Footlocker“.
  6. Click on “Gift Card Type” and choose “Footlocker
  7. Click on “Amount” and type in the amount of the Footlocker card you wish to sell.
  8. Upload the gift card image if any, if not, type the code in the comment box.
  9. Click on Proceed and Submit Trade. The payment is credited to your Hook Naira wallet instantly.
  10. or you can simply chat with our sales rep on WhatsApp for a quick Trade: here


Footlocker Gift card is an ideal decision of gift card for the vast majority due to the many advantages it provides for clients, including the high resale esteem it offers. You can continuously sell Footlocker cards in Nigeria at the best market rate on Hook. You’ll not just get high rates for your gift cards, in addition, to an extraordinary client experience.


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